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What Can We Do For You?

Welcome to Delta Run Security, a small business with decades of combined experience in complex government and commercial business solutions.

Delta Run Security provides strategic solutions to government, municipal, and commercial enterprises across the globe to help them better manage and maintain their cloud architecture, safety training, and physical and digital security.

Our team develops and delivers modern IT solutions that enable and perpetuate the safety and security of worldwide populations, critical infrastructures, and sensitive information throughout the globe. We work in conjunction with U.S. and Foreign Governments as a trusted IT and onsite security advisor to eliminate the uncertain and make the world a safer place.

Security Surveillance

Physical Security

We're a trusted security advisor for U.S. Government agencies as well as foreign governments, and we take a highly sophisticated approach to correcting onsite security vulnerabilities.

Dish Antenna

Law Enforcement & Tactical Training

Our international training expertise covers a wide range of essential fields including surveillance, forensics, firearms, customs and border protection, counterterrorism, and more.

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